Cyndi Lamm’s Vision

Safe  Prosperous Vibrant

Serving Lincoln voters and businesses is Cyndi’s central focus. Under her leadership, Cyndi will work with residents, developers, builders, businesses, and community leaders to provide economic growth, affordable workforce housing, and investment that provides a Safe, Prosperous, and Vibrant Lincoln, where every individual and business has the opportunity to succeed.  In other words, you are her top priority.  

Cyndi Lamm for Mayor:


Cyndi serves at the pleasure of the people. As Lincoln’s mayor, it will be no different. Cyndi promises an open door and open book policy. She furthermore promises and swears to respect your duly elected city council members, working with them as we embark upon the 2020’s.
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Cyndi believes as a collective, we have 20/20 vision. When an individual usurps the authority of other governing bodies or controls all major decisions, the priorities become a far-sighted blur. Working toward a collaborative vision of the city of her dreams, Cyndi considers what it means to move forward with eyes, ears, and mind wide open in effort to keep worthwhile, agreed upon goals at the forefront of thought.

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